Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Food Insecurity and how working together we can address it

1. What exactly is food insecurity, and how does it affect our community?

Food insecurity means not having consistent access to enough food for a healthy life. It’s a challenge that affects individuals and families, leading to tough choices between food and other essentials, like rent, utilities, and healthcare. In Middle Tennessee and nationwide, it can mean parents skipping meals so their children can eat or seniors choosing between medication and food. The Store tackles this issue head-on by providing a choice-based, dignified shopping experience, ensuring access to nutritious food for those in need.

2. How widespread is food insecurity in Middle Tennessee?

In Middle Tennessee, food insecurity touches a wide array of individuals and families, including working parents, seniors on fixed incomes, and veterans. The Store is committed to addressing this local challenge by offering fresh, healthy food options and support services, aiming to not just feed but to empower our community.

3. Are certain groups more affected by food insecurity than others?

Yes, food insecurity disproportionately impacts children, seniors, and minority communities, leading to broader issues in health, education, and general well-being. The Store focuses on serving these vulnerable populations with respect and care, providing not only food but also wrap-around services to address the root causes of food insecurity.

4. How does The Store differ from a traditional food bank?

The Store is changing the traditional model of food assistance by operating like a traditional grocery store. This model allows our customers to choose the food that best fits their family’s needs and preferences, which promotes dignity and reduces stigma. Our approach includes fresh produce, healthy meats, and educational programs, emphasizing long-term solutions over temporary aid.

5. Can someone outside of Nashville benefit from The Store's services?

Absolutely! While The Store is located in Nashville, our services extend to anyone in Middle Tennessee experiencing food insecurity. Our goal is to support our neighbors in the broader region and foster a community where everyone has access to the food they need to thrive.  The Store is currently exploring expanding into other locations in hopes of eliminating boundaries to receiving fresh, nutritious food. 

6. How can the community get involved with The Store?

The Store thrives on community support! There are numerous ways to get involved, from volunteering your time, organizing item drives, to making financial donations. Every bit of support helps us continue our mission and expand our reach to more individuals and families in need.

7. How can I learn more about food insecurity and The Store's impact?

To learn more, sign up for our newsletter and/or attend one of our Lunch and Learn sessions! You’ll find detailed information on our programs, stories of impact, and ways to get involved. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our efforts and join the conversation about ending food insecurity in our community and beyond.