Our Approach

The Store sets itself apart from traditional food pantries by offering a revolutionary approach to addressing food insecurity. Our model is based on dignity, choice, and the belief that everyone deserves access to healthy food and the support they need to thrive.

How We're Different:

The Grocery Store Model

Unlike traditional food pantries that provide pre-selected food boxes, The Store operates like a grocery store, allowing customers to choose the food that best meets their nutritional needs and personal preferences. This choice-based model reduces waste, ensures satisfaction, and upholds the dignity of those we serve.

Focus on Fresh, Nutritious Foods

We prioritize fresh produce, healthy meats, and dairy products, ensuring our customers have access to the nutritious options necessary for a balanced diet. Our commitment to quality sets us apart and addresses the nutritional gap often found in food assistance programs.

Wrap-Around Services

Recognizing that food insecurity is often a symptom of broader challenges, The Store offers wrap-around services designed to support our customers' overall well-being through its partners like Belmont University. From counseling and financial planning to educational programs, we're committed to connecting our customers to the tools and resources needed for long-term stability.

Engagement and Empowerment

We believe in empowering our community through engagement and education. Our approach encourages customers to take an active role in their journey to self-sufficiency, supported by our staff and volunteers every step of the way.

Community Collaboration

The Store collaborates with a network of partners, including local farms, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. This collaborative spirit enhances our impact and fosters a community-wide effort to eliminate hunger.

Our approach not only addresses immediate food needs but also promotes a sustainable solution to food insecurity. By empowering individuals and families with choice, education, and support, The Store is redefining what it means to provide food assistance and making a lasting impact in the fight against hunger.