Building Stronger Communities Together

At The Store, we believe in the power of partnerships to create a more hopeful and supportive community for everyone. We’re honored to collaborate with remarkable nonprofits, each dedicated to addressing vital needs and fostering a world where everyone has the support they need to thrive.

Here are some examples of how The Store is partnering for a brighter future for our neighbors:

Families Overcoming Homelessness

As families secure housing after a crisis, The Store ensures their pantries are filled with fresh, nutritious groceries for a year, aiding their transition into a stable home environment. 


Safe Haven Family Shelter

Reintegrating Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Supporting individuals returning from incarceration, The Store fills their pantries with essential foods. This support allows them to focus on employment skills and job training without the stress of securing their next meal.  


Project Return

Supporting Veterans

For veterans accessing housing assistance and counseling, The Store offers bi-weekly shopping opportunities for a year, addressing their comprehensive needs and supporting their journey toward stability. 


Operation Stand Down Tennessee

Disaster Relief for Victims

In the wake of disasters, such as house fires, The Store provides immediate access to essential food supplies, helping those affected to rebuild their lives with one less worry.


American Red Cross

Lifting up Victims of Domestic Violence


YWCA ReNew lifts up victims of domestic violence, supporting them as they move into new homes.  Working along side the YWCA, The Store makes sure that their kitchen is full of fresh food when they move in.  


Through these initiatives, The Store stands in solidarity with our neighbors, offering more than just food—offering hope, support, and a path forward.  The Store is grateful to all of its active nonprofits partners, listed here. To inquire about becoming a partner of The Store please email