Resources for Understanding and Combatting Food Insecurity

Welcome to our dedicated resource page, where knowledge becomes the catalyst for change. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of information and tools designed to deepen your understanding of food insecurity in Middle Tennessee and across the nation, inspiring action and advocacy in our collective fight against hunger.

Understanding Food Insecurity

Introduction to Food Insecurity: A brief overview of what food insecurity means, its causes, and its impact on individuals and communities.

Definitions and Measurements: A guide to how the USDA defines and measures food insecurity.


Statistics and Research

Hunger in Middle Tennessee: An informative op-ed in the Tennesseean by several of The Store’s partners highlighting the growing hunger problem in our community.

Food Insecurity in Tennessee: Feeding America is the definitive source for up-to-date information on hunger in our state.

Tennessee Food Insecurity Study: A recent Vanderbilt study on food insecurity in Middle Tennessee highlighting specific challenges faced by the region.

National Food Insecurity Statistics: Up-to-date national statistics from the USDA and Feeding America provide an broad context for how food insecurity affects different populations across the United States.


Educational Resources

Feeding America: Access to a wealth of information on food insecurity, including research reports, policy briefs, and ways to get involved at the national level.

The Store’s Impact Report: Coming Soon!

USDA Economic Research Service: Offers comprehensive research on food security in the US, including definitions, data, and trends. 


Local Resources and How to Get Involved

Local Food Banks and Pantries: A directory of food banks, pantries, and other food assistance programs in Middle Tennessee for those seeking help or looking to donate/volunteer.

The Store’s Engagement Opportunities: Information on how to get involved with The Store, including volunteering, fundraising, and other support services.

Advocacy and Policy Engagement: Guidelines and resources for advocating for policies that address food insecurity, including how to contact legislators and participate in advocacy campaigns.


Educational and Community Programs

Nutrition Education Programs: Information on local and national programs offering nutrition education to help individuals and families make healthier food choices.

Community Gardens Initiatives: Resources on how to participate in or support local community gardens, which contribute to local food security and community resilience.


Additional Resources

National Hunger Hotline: Contact information for national hotlines that provide immediate assistance and information on local food assistance options.

FAQs on Food Insecurity: Answers to commonly asked questions about food insecurity, including how to help and where to find assistance.